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OLFU Art Gallery: Breaking New Ground
Date Posted: Sunday, February 26, 2012
February 10, 2012 - Art was in the air Friday night in the breezy hills of Antipolo City. The Our Lady of Fatima University, Antipolo campus was abuzz as visitors poured in to support the opening of the Fatima University Gallerys first art exhibit entitled, Breaking New Ground.

The exhibit paid homage to the paintings and sculptures of various world renowned masters and contemporary artists. Sculptures of Arturo Luz, - Borobodur and Carnival Forms as well as his paintings Homage to Eusebio Sempere and Homage to Eduardo Chillida, were part of the exhibit. Declared as a National Artist for the Visual Arts in 1997, Luz remains to be a formidable figure in the art world today.

Artworks of Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, such as Manila Abstract (ceramic jar), Seascape, and Untitled (Trees) represent the artists versatility from painting landscapes to abstracts in different media. The Fernando Amorsolo piece - Ruins of Manila where he is credited as the first artist to capture the Philippine light, giving his subject a tropical radiance, establishing his far reaching contribution in Realism.

The Four Seasons of painter and sculptor, Jerry Elizalde Navarro, persists to be a prestigious part of the Fatima University Gallery collection. Navarro won First Prize in the Watercolor Exhibit of the AAP in 1952 and was posthumously proclaimed National Artist in 1999.

Abdulmari Imao, proclaimed as National Artist for Sculpture in 2006, Sarimanok sculpture and Sarimanok painting, as well as the pieces of Solomon Saprid - Horses and Don Quixote with the other works of multi-awarded modern and contemporary Filipino artists completed the prestigious exhibit.

According to Robert Bjorn O. Santos, Director of the Fatima University Gallery, These artists whose paintings and sculptures are displayed in this exhibit embody the uncompromising spirit of the Filipino virtuoso. That is, the resolve to take in both Western and Eastern influences and techniques to spawn works which are imbued with the artist’s personal interpretation of his/her milieu.

The Fatima University Gallery encourages the students to discover and appreciate the artworks and the artists who masterfully created them. It is in this process of discovery and appreciation wherein the realization that indeed, one need not be an artist or a Fine Art student. Though the University has yet to establish its Fine Arts or Design programs, still, the students and members of the faculty and staff are in the company of winning and acclaimed artists; some of who are and were involved in the academe themselves, said Santos.

True to form, the Our Lady of Fatima University balances its academics with arts and culture enrichment that encompasses its vision-mission statement of improving man as man.

Inside the gallery

Ribbon cutting (from left – Mr. Robert Bjorn O. Santos, Dr. Isabel F. Inlayo, Dr. Caroline S. Enriquez)

Some Paintings at the gallery

(Left to Rignt) Atty. Bayani Loste, Romana Go, Atty. Amy Loste, Tess Cacnio and Michael Cacnio)                                                                            

(Left to Right) Mrs. Elaine Herbosa, Robert O. Santos and  Ms. Quirino)