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Important Announcements

Summer SY 2012-13 Enrollment and Grades Distribution
Date Posted: Saturday, April 6, 2013
Summer enrollment and grades distribution starts on April 8, 2013. Please consult posted bulletins in campus to verify your enrollment schedule. Summer SY 2012-13 starts on April 15.

Schoolautomate - Online grades status access also will be made available for all campuses starting April 9. Please view/download online enrollment schedules below (per campus) as well as
instructions on how to use the facility online.

View SchoolAutomate Instructions (
View online access schedules per campus: (
ValenzuelaQuezon CityAntipolo )

To reset passwords or unblock access please email the ff:

Valenzuela Students - schoolautomate_val@live.fatima.edu.ph
QC Students - schoolautomate_qc@live.fatima.edu.ph
Antipolo Students - schoolautomate_ant@live.fatima.edu.ph